How to know the files/folders checked-in to TFS by any user?

Some team requires the details of files/folders checked-in to TFS by users for auditing purpose. Once can achieve this goal both from web access and visual studio.

In Web Access:

Open your Team Project in Web access. Go to CODE. Here you can either select the entire root project folder or any sub folder to check the history.Then select the History link which will show the entire history of check-in related to that folder. You can switch to either Changesets or Shelvesets tab to view only related to those.


Click on Advanced search.You will see a window like below where you can query for any user for a specific date range.


In Visual Studio:

In Visual Studio, connect to your project in Team Explorer. Go to Source Control Explorer of your project. Right click on folder for which you want to find the check in history. Click on Find->Find Changesets (Or Find Shelvesets). It will open a window similar to below.


You can select check-in history of any user by selecting from “By user:” drop down. You can query for all changes, by changeset number or by a created date.